2020 Fall After-School

& Day Program

Beginning Sept 21, 2020
3pm - 6pm    Mon, Tue, Thur
8:30am - 6pm      Wednesday
K-5th Grade

The Laughlin Memorial Chapel (LMC) has been operating in the East Wheeling Neighborhood, serving children and their families for nearly 100 years as a mission of the Presbyterian Church. The mission of LMC is to care for and empower families and others by working cooperatively with existing community groups so that the standard and quality of life in the greater Wheeling area are enhanced and reflect God's love.


The Afterschool Program, Chapel’s cornerstone program, offers a safe and nurturing environment for kindergarten through eighth grade children, four afternoons each week. Nutritious snacks and meals are served daily to all children enrolled in the Afterschool Program as well as opportunities to learn grow and thrive. 


The Afterschool Program and other LMC programming are offered free to families through the gracious support of grants and donations found within our local, regional, and national communities. Find out more about the Afterschool Program and our other programs on our Program page.


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"I love getting to meet new friends and go swimming at Summer Jam. When we went to the zoo, I got to see my favorite animal - the Zebra. Chapel is cool!"​

- Jaiden